Charlotte Colon Hydrotherapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take?
Your session will last approximately 45-50 minutes. However, if this is your first session, please allow 1.5 hrs to include time to fill out our health questionnaire.

Q: How many sessions will I need?
It is generally recommended to begin with a series of 3 sessions. For overall wellness, many people have one session every 6-8 weeks or as the seasons change.

Q: Do I need to prepare myself for the colon hydrotherapy?
Stay well hydrated and eat lightly the day of your cleanse.

Q: What should I do after my session?
You will be fine to resume normal activities.

Q: Is the colon hydrotherapy procedure sanitary?
We use disposable speculum kits which are discarded after each treatment. The colonic device is equipped with a three stage patented water filtration system for particle removal, chlorine reduction, and bacteria and virus reduction. 

Q: Is it ok to have a colonic during my period? 
Yes, and you may wear a tampon during the treatment.

Q: Is it a “closed system” or “open system” device?

We use an FDA-registered closed-system by Dotolo Research along with a sterile speculum kit that is only used once and then is discarded. This device affords a comfortable procedure while maintaining the dignity of the patient. 


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